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Psychometric Profiling
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Psychometric Profiling


We are qualified and experienced in psychometric profiling and use tools including:

  • MAPP from KCP (Managerial and Professional Profiler)
  • MBTI from OPP (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • OPQ from SHL (Occupational Personality Questionnaire)
  • Me2 General Factor of Creativity from E-Metrixx

MAPP, for example, includes important insights into values and motivation along with underlying personality traits and behavioural preferences in the same way as other testing mechanisms. It is a personality questionnaire and not intended to give an indication of ability.

MBTI is the most widely used personality questionnaire in the world and is based on over 50 years of research and development. It is exceptionally versatile and gives individuals and teams a powerful understanding of their own and others’ personality styles and preferred working methods, an essential building block of creating a dynamic team.

We are Test User – Ability and Personality Qualified and as such we adhere to the Code of Practice published by the British Psychological Society with each psychometric profile.

We are also members of the Psychometrics Forum and meet regularly to ensure our practice and technical knowledge is up to date as part of our own continuing professional development.

Shown below are some of the organisations with which THR Consulting is associated. We’re part of each company’s Expert Network which means we can offer additional resources and rates where needed.


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