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Executive Assessments
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Executive Assessments

Executive Assessments

Getting the top tier of your organisation right is key to making the business work. You owe it to the company, staff and shareholders or clients to make sure the selection process identifies candidates’ strengths, weaknesses and development needs in an objective, equitable and insightful way.

This means looking beyond qualifications and technical know-how to characteristics such as leadership aptitude, cultural fit, growth potential and other important dynamics that could affect organisational success.

The impact of the executive assessment outcome and subsequent decision is huge and can be very costly if the wrong choice is made, not only financially but also in repeated change management, reputational standing and, where appropriate, share values.

THR provides a confidential, unbiased, external service using executive assessments designed specifically for use with managerial and professional levels – including senior executives, managers, undergraduates, customer service specialists and sales people.

We offer:

  • a confidential, personal, cost-effective service
  • flexibility so candidates can complete our questionnaires at their convenience, on-line with a secure log-in
  • follow-up one-to-one interviews to discuss the results
  • face-to-face interviews if preferred
  • detailed reports for clients showing candidates’ strengths in terms of behaviours and aptitudes, also identifying development potential which can be built into personal development plans

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