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Creativity – From insight to implementation

How creative do you think you are, and how about the team you work with? Do you have lots of ideas but rarely find them being put into practice?

Research has shown that creative teams tend to be more efficient, deliver a higher level of customer service and have higher levels of staff wellbeing. We see creativity as being both energising and financially rewarding.

Innovation has been defined as ‘the application of creativity to give rise to a new product, service or process delivering something new or better to the world’. Do you recognise the need and value of this in your business too?

If you have a moment, ask yourself five questions about your organisation:

  • Do you make innovation a targeted, strategic and funded priority?
  • How well do you combine process and spontaneity?
  • How do you innovate around product or service details and the bigger picture?
  • How do you allow ideas to flower while exploiting those with potential?
  • How well do you innovate around how the business works, not just what it does?

Do you have clear answers for all of these? At THR Consulting Ltd we offer bespoke training using the me2 model from E-METRIXX which identifies creativity in terms of idea generation, personality, motivation and confidence. From identifying where people are at, the good news is that individuals within a team can play to their strengths or can develop those elements that they feel they and the organisation will benefit from.

If you believe that your organisation could benefit from bringing in more creativity then we would love to talk about helping you develop your creative muscles.

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