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Graduate Tests

There are many on-line tests available but here’s where THR Consulting is different – we take the burden of sifting through and analysing results away from you, giving you an individual insightful written report for each candidate and offering an opportunity to talk through the results, thereby helping you make an informed decision.

Our on-line graduate psychometric tests mainly look at ability and aptitude through reasoning exercises. Speed and accuracy are important with these - and we have different ways of checking the candidate is genuine.

This method offers flexibility to candidates as they can complete the tests at times convenient to them. The tests are proven to be as rigorous as traditional off-line ones and are suitable for all levels in an organisation as we choose a graduate psychometric test level most appropriate for the individual or role.

We are checking for:

Verbal critical reasoning

These tests measure the ability to identify logic or the lack of it and to avoid making assumptions in critical written argument. They are designed especially for use in a business context (eg reports, proposals, emails, letters).

Numerical critical reasoning

These measure the ability to deal with multiple numerical concepts (eg graphs, charts, ratios, percentages) and make sense of them rather than just the arithmetic - although this is a factor.

The end result

  • A confidential cost-effective objective and fair method of recruiting the right candidate for the role
  • An insight into candidates’ characteristics, personality traits and behavioural preferences
  • A professional, reliable and confidential service
  • Peace of mind that as much has been done as possible to ensure your recruitment process is a success

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